23 oct. 2009

SAIC (pin up)

SAIC Copyright © 2009 Ave Negra 9 arte / Henry - Triana

Supporting the move of the colombian comic, and invited by the brothers Gracia, since we made this art SAIC character of the brothers, carrying a time under the name Ave Negra (Black Bird), and this year published its first issue of the comic called Folklor (folklore), Based on legends and myths of our country

Line, color and FX: me
Colors and Background: Triana

(eng)This image is available in the issue 0 of Folklor, as a poster at the central pageto full color
(esp)Esta imagen esta disponible como poster en el numero 0 de Folklor en la pagina central y a todo color

WEB= Ave Negra

2 comentarios:

  1. Bueno pues fué una buena sociedad!!! y ah gustado curiosamente!!! eso sí lso toque que le dió ud la mejoraron!. saludos compa!

  2. Si al pelo camellar hay e socia, y si que viaje gusto a mi me gusto mas verlo impreso, y usted no se quedo atrás compa por que con tanta briega que me causo este bujo